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MacRay Management is a full-service personal management firm representing a talented and diverse roster of Actors, Musicians, Screen-Writers, Models and Performing Artists.  Jason MacRay built the Los Angeles firm on organic relationships with talented artists, and that focus is still the driving force behind our success today.

We believe a strong artist/manager relationship starts with trust, and grows through our unceasing endeavor to develop every facet of an artist’s entertainment career.

Your manager is arguably the most important person on your team - the one you count on.  Building and supporting your team of agents, accountants, legal representation, public relations to project selection, contract negotiations and financial longevity, MacRay maintains a relentless pursuit of opportunity while balancing artistic growth and overall health as our highest priorities. 

Trust, integrity, fierce negotiation, and real relationships are the cornerstones to our success.  You can count on MacRay to show up, talk you off “the ledge” when needed, tell you the truth even when it’s hard, and most importantly, take the time to help grow your craft.

  “You don’t have to settle as one of hundreds on an overloaded roster.”

Jason MacRay

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